Excelsior Vinyl - Limited Edition White [Pre-order]

Excelsior Vinyl - Limited Edition White [Pre-order]

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This is a pre-order and will ship January/February 2023. 

All pre-order items will ship together. If you are ordering something that is in stock and want it shipped ASAP, please place a separate order for that item.

This is a limited edition white double vinyl album. Side D contains no music, but is etched with an image of the windmills from the album art.

Track listing:

Side A

  1. Feel 3:57
  2. What’ll I Do Now 4:27
  3. Human Doll 3:20
  4. How Much Is Enough 5:02

Side B

  1. Look To The Stars 4:44
  2. Infinitely Light Years 6:42
  3. Safe 4:15

Side C

  1. The Golden Age of Doubling Down 3:42
  2. Xylorimba 3:51
  3. Zoom 3:00
  4. Something About Me 4:25

Side D contains no audio, do not play!